2012 Project List (To Date) Bldg. 97 Plumbing Upgrades Bldg. 103 fire Suppression System Repairs Fire Station No. 2 Renovation Bldg. 149 Egress Door Bldg. 4003 Media Replacement Bldg. 610 Bathroom Renovation Bldg. 1176 Electrical Upgrades Bldg. 912 Plumbing Upgrades Bldg. 6001 Amory Door 2011 Project List Replace 400 Hz Converter- MCAS Yuma Replace CBM Generator & 275kw Mobile Generator- MCAS Yuma Carpet Removal/Replacement Bldg. 505 & 507- MCAS Yuma Re-locate Trailer T-038- MCAS Yuma Remodel Offices Bldg. 112- MCAS Yuma Relocate/Remodel Bldg. T-1082 and New Ordinance Area/Fencing- MCAS Yuma Plumbing upgrades Bldg. 662- MCAS Yuma Clearwell Bldg. 1951 Roof and Valve Replacement- MCAS Yuma Bldg. 916 Ready Issues Point Relocate/Remodel- MCAS Yuma Installation of Barrier Fence at Bldg. 326 and Ordnance Area- MCAS Yuma Joint Strike Fighter Fencing- MCAS Yuma Well Pump Replacement Fire Station #2- MCAS Yuma Solar Street Lighting Installation Capehart Housing- MCAS Yuma Repair Sewer lines and Bathroom Renovation at Bowling Alley- MCAS Yuma Repair and Replace Tracker Site Well Pumps- MCAS Yuma Install Carpet AMO Office Bldg. 230- MCAS Yuma Install New Gas Pack, Freezer and Refrigeration System Bldg. 570- MCAS Yuma Replace/Repair Septic System Bldg. 3224- MCAS Yuma Add additional Anthracite to Filter No. 1- MCAS Yuma Repair and Replace Water Plant Filer Pump Assemblies 1-4 Bldg. 1953- MCAS Yuma Shade Shelter Installation Bldg. 922- MCAS Yuma Replace Well Pump Bldg. 2324- MCAS Yuma   © PMB Construction, LLC 2011 Site Manager rharder@pmbconstruction.com